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Archive for July, 2010

Any service, whether consumed or delivered must be monitored. As mentioned by some previous posts, the monitoring measures against the established norms as a judge of whether the service level agreements are being met. Outsourced or in-sourced does not matter. An organization has a responsibility to internal and external customers that need to be delivered upon. Monitoring is a proactive way to understand the health of the ‘services’ being delivered which, in turn, allows for adjustment, remediation, and risk management. 
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I just had my latest article on Vital Mission Activities published in CIO Update. Have a look at it here. If you’d care to discuss my article here, please feel free to respond. Thanks in advance for checking it out.

The issues why organizations are not adept at adapting is about:
1) Anxiety around Change (first and foremost)
2) Lack of Vision
3) Lack of appropriate policies based upon Vision
4) Ineffective / non-aligned Strategies that connect with the business
5) and the list goes on.

IT has been consumed as a commodity in the past and not as a service which has led to inappropriate expectations by business of IT, such as lower cost without an effect in service, agility, complexity, rigor, efficiency, and results.

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Enterprise Capacity Planning is a program which epitomizes the adage, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.  Too often we look at capacity management myopically. We focus on a particular portion of the environment (i.e. storage, network, server, etc.). Enterprise capacity planning, on the other hand, encompasses all of the elements of the environment, including HVAC, power, floor space, and the like. Therefore, we must also understand our loads, pipeline for the future, and end of life components.

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