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Archive for September, 2010

In the September 24, 2010 issue of Processor magazine, there is an article titled “Running The Data Center” where I am quoted on behalf of Engaged Consulting. It’s great to again have the opportunity to be talking about a topic that is very relevant and timely to our customers — the fit of automation in the operation of data centers. Specifically, this piece is focused on “lights out” operations and remote locations. Again, given ubiquitous connectivity, location is almost irrelevant today. Remember, I said “almost”.

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I struggle with the implication that technology (a product or collection thereof) solves a problem.
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The process of information classification is a necessary evil in today’s enterprises. It is necessary to prevent data loss in any form or fashion, malicious or not. The process, if done correctly, is not trivial. The actual determination of classes is only the beginning. Applying it to an existing environment can be daunting. However, the transformation of an organization depends upon successful completion.
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Cloud Computing makes Enterprise Architecture more important & supremely relevant. Enterprise Architecture is not a cookie cutter approach which has the same duck shape for children, large circle for adults, and guitar heroes for teenagers. Enterprise Architecture will use Cloud Computing as an arrow in the quiver, if you will.

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In the September 10, 2010 edition of Processor magazine, there is an article “Mapping the IT Capability Maturity Framework“. I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to be interviewed and contribute to this and I invite you to have a look at the article. There are a lot of things that could be said about capability maturity and what I’ve been quoted on in this article is merely a snapshot of the thinking I’ve done about this that fits this particular context. If you would like to discuss what’s in the article or ask more general questions, please consider this a formal invite to reply to this thread and start a discussion. Thanks in advance.

Mapping The IT Capability Maturity Framework

For the past number of days, I don’t remember how many actually, Hurricane Earl has been bearing down on the U.S. East Coast. Inevitably, there would be significant media attention paid to it. We were not let down. As I was wandering through my RSS feed, I found two articles on it and in a recent tweet I wrote:

“Bad weather, big problems. Are you ready?”

Also included the links to the articles, eh? It wasn’t really relevant for this blog posting, so I left them out… check my Twitter feed, if you want them. Anyway, each articles talked about some aspect of how the hurricane could impact IT organizations. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have any issues with the articles per se — they are well written and it’s topical content.

What’s my issue? Simple. It’s too late.

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