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We really need to transform what the American IT workforce is made up of. Instead of teaching COBOL, Pascal, C++, and other elements of technology, we really need to teach how to align business and IT to take advantage of innovation and creative thinking. The way to align business and IT is to focus on the customer experience and the value that they live in that experience.

Instead of IT being a separate business unit, IT needs to be integrated into every business unit. I am by no means advocating breaking IT up into multiples of itself contained within each business unit ( ). I am advocating that IT needs to reside with knowledge of the business and each unit in their strategic planning to assist with how to enable their people and process in a cost effective, simple, agile, and rigorous way. If IT establishes strategy along side of the business, then the execution and results will match. This is opposite of the way it is done today where the business and each unit goes off to develop strategy based upon a vision that IT is not a part of. Likewise, IT, more often than not, sequesters itself and develops its own strategy and execution plan based upon a limited view or knowledge of the vision of the organization. I liken this to picking the route to go on vacation before picking the destination.

The bottom line is that IT has to mature to become a natural value added business unit, not a collection of technology geeks and operators trying to keep the baling wire and bubble gum in the environment from falling apart. IT needs to be a hybrid of marketing, accounting, legal, and so forth with an understanding of the technology that can support a quicker time to market, access shared information super cube, and eDiscovery enablement service model. This mandates a change in thinking and consumption. Some of which is difficult to change given the legacy baggage of perception and existing environment.

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