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OK. This post is a bit different than the usual topics I would write about, but it’s one that I feel is worth addressing. On Twitter, there is a (loosely honored) tradition called “Follow Friday”, where you call out the people that you think are worth others following (in case you don’t do Twitter, that is the same as subscribing to a persons “tweets” or messages, OK?). Well, earlier today, I sent a tweet which said:

I am *so* close to unfollowing a few folks for pushing out the same tired, crappy tweets over and over again.

I am about to start a new (loosely honored) tradition of my own called “Unfollow Friday”… complete with it’s own hashtag (#UFF).

In case you hadn’t gotten the point, I am pretty disappointed in a few individuals who seem to completely miss the point of “Social Media”.

1. I don’t blindly follow people on Twitter. I read what my followers write (and those folks who pop up in my searches) and if I am interested interested in what they are talking about, I follow. My intention in following is to engage with you, not just blindly “read and repeat”. I’ve met a lot of great folks via Twitter and expect to meet many more. Developing relationships is the name of the game that I am playing. I will look for others that want to play that game too.

2. I don’t expect continually entertained or wow-ed by someone! I don’t even hold myself to such a high standard. Some of what I say is interesting, some is not. It’s a mixed bag and that’s OK with me. There’s lots of room to have fun with it and go with the flow.

3. What will draw my wrath is abuse of the relationship.Why do I say that? Well, because it undermines an intention to be related with an intention to do transactions (with me as your target). I am not up for that. Anyone whose sole purpose and intention in using this medium is to send me the same “sales pitches” over and over again, you had best prepare for the consequences. For now, I can assure you that I am going to vote with my feet. Up until now, I have not “named names”, but with the rise of UFF, I may actually do that!

The “bottom line” for me is this:

I believe that the promise and opportunity of social media is in providing opportunities to discover new ways of developing relationships with people. It doesn’t exclude the ability to transact business, but it’s not about that.

So, for those that I currently follow, follow me or are just about to meet (and follow), let’s get to work. It’s time to interact and engage. Anything beyond that can/will develop naturally.

[12:26] undercoverkengon: the second one ought to get a laugh or two

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