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How is an organization doing?  Is it structured appropriately?  Do the people have the right skills?  Are there hindrances to attaining organizational goals?  What hurdles exist in employee satisfaction?  Does the market recognize the organization of note?  All of these are great questions to answer when looking to understand what the current state of an organization is.  However, many pundits would say that the only judge of an organization are its people.  That is debatable.

Vision leads to Strategy which leads to Execution. People make up a good portion of the AS IS state of the organization. So, I would agree that there is a tremendous amount of focus on the PEOPLE; however, there are other elements which must be taken into account when assessing the current state of an organization. People often become the squeaky wheel, if you will, that point to process, execution plan, strategy, and vision weaknesses. Just because everyone is happy and well skilled does not indicate that there is nothing wrong in the organization.

Using models certainly provides a construct for which to judge or compare effectiveness, skill, structure, stability, and so forth. I believe that listening is key. Now, that listening needs to be constructed in such a way that it is investigative, yet sensitive. For instance, interviews, one on one, provide a more private opportunity to listen to what an individual thinks, feels, and sees. Compare that with a group workshop where the dynamics between personalities, peers, management levels, and economics can contradict what we heard in the one on one interviews or provide further insight to the “political” nature of the organization that was not audible previously.

You certainly need people to execute the “change” that is necessary even if it is a process that is broken. Thus, I do agree that this is a large component of the current state equation, but not the only component.

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